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perosnal leadership credo

... listen, learn, detect, engage, inspire, focus, implement, enable...

My approach is based on the consideration that all organisations are different. I don’t believe in the reapplication of the same “best practice” . I don’t use rigid change models or frameworks. I work with clients to understand first their needs, scope and complexity of their required changes and develop the right approach to deliver them. Over the years I’ve used different change frameworks, models and techniques and have the flexibility to define what is fit for purpose.

Everything in organisations is interconnected. I strive to ensure that any solution given has an integrated view and fits with the rest...

I have few simple rules of engagement:

  • Scope out the assignment quickly – with clear deliverables – to effectively manage expectations and create shared agreement about my role, contribution and value.
  • Engage the key stakeholders throughout the project, spending time upfront to understand their needs, points of view and concerns and review progress vs agreed deliverables.
  • Focus on the agreed priorities (rather than get distracted or drawn into business-as-usual activities or meetings).
  • Show humility and listen carefully to those around me that know the organisation inside out.
  • Do not reinvent the wheel and adapt to tools and approaches that are working well in the client organisation.
  • Enable the organisation to successfully continue the initiative/change once my contribution will finish.
  • Be intellectually honest and transparent.